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We manufacture ice packs that are suitable for treating injuries such as bruises, sprains, and strains. With any injury like this, it’s best to immediately have ice to apply to the injured area. This will relieve pain and swelling.

That is why it is necessary that every sports club, universities, schools, have a stock of these fantastic ice packs. They need large amounts because injuries are very common.

Buy Ice Packs In Bulk

One of our best-selling packages is the instant ice pack. These packages are used for soft tissue treatments. They are most commonly used for muscle strains and soft tissue injuries. Ice will prevent bruising and swelling. Available sizes are 200 and 400 packs. These packs can provide cooling for 40 minutes at room temperature. They are very suitable for packing in first aid kits.

Sports instant packages are very suitable for sports clubs, which need very cold therapies for injuries from accidental blows and sprains. These packs can stay cold for up to one hour at room temperature. By applying ice to the injury, the swelling will quickly decrease and the pain will disappear. They are very suitable for putting on the muscles after strenuous exercise and strenuous training to prevent muscle inflammation.

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