The word Baptist was first used in 1644. The name was not chosen by themselves, but by their opponents. They were commonly called Anabaptists because they refused to baptize children.

Over time, the term Anabaptist fell out of fashion, and the name Baptist became the term in popular usage.

Baptists are not Protestants. Baptists did not come out of the Reform Movement, rather, they passed through it.

Those denominations that have their roots in the Reformation are considered Protestants because they were from the “protest” movement against the Roman Catholic institution. Baptists never left or were part of the Roman Catholic religion.

The Scriptures

First of all, a Baptist Church is a local church that recognizes the supreme authority of the Holy Scriptures.

In matters of faith, that is, in the things we believe, and in practice, that is, in the things we do, our only authority is the Word of God.

If something, whether from faith or practice, is contrary to the Bible, then no matter who claims it, no matter what good arguments are made in its favor, we cannot approve it.

The Preaching

Second, Baptists believe in the pre-eminence of the preaching of the Word of God.

We believe that the preaching of the Bible should have a central place in our services. We believe that nothing can or should take the place of the preaching of the Word!

Our conviction is that the church of Christ has suffered because it has degraded the preaching of the Word.

We believe that seminaries and Bible colleges should pre-eminently be institutions that prepare and encourage preachers.

The Doctrines Of Grace

Third, Baptists fearlessly declare their belief in those doctrines that are sometimes called The Doctrines of Grace.

With this expression, we want to specify the doctrines of total depravity, unconditional election, definitive atonement, effective calling, and the perseverance of the saints.

We rejoice in these great truths that uphold the sovereignty of God in the salvation of man, and that so gloriously affirm the central reality that salvation is by grace alone, and that salvation is of the Lord!


Next, we would like to affirm that the Baptists believe in the need and responsibility to evangelize. We no longer have more sympathy for Hyper-Calvinism than for Arminianism.

We do not believe that there is an inconsistency between God’s sovereignty in the salvation of his chosen ones and his command to preach the Gospel to every creature.


Lastly, let me state that a Baptist church is a local church with a serious focus on worship. The God we praise is a God of majesty, glory, and holiness.

And the God of the Bible is the One to whom the angels of heaven constantly cry “Holy, Holy, Holy”; they worship him day and night; He is great and deserving of all praise.

 We believe that when we gather to praise this great and glorious God of the Bible we should do so with reverence and holy respect. We believe that we should feel a REVERENTIAL FEAR in our hearts when we come together to worship this God!